Neo Leoka

Im a twenty somehing year old woman who just felll in love with fashion and design at the age of 10 years old. I never really made anything, but really enjoyed drawing.


When it was time for me to go and study Psycology, I just couldn't think of doing anything with my life but fashion and decided to follow my heart. So I did my B. Tech in fashion design and technology through the Tswane University of Technology.


After studies I worked EVERYWHERE!!!!! with almost EVERYONE, attended Fashion Week, entered the Carducci menswear competition (was a finalist!) and was always intimidated by the other creatives within fashion.


In 2010 I decided to stop worrying and start doing, and thats when Neo Leoka the brand was born.


I have always had a love for African print fabric and over the past three years that love became too deep to ignore.


So my designs are inspired mainly by the city and how I see my city (Johannesburg) and the world.


I hope you like them as much as I do!






Lots of love!!!      x o x o